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 I’m Danny T Life’s troubleshooter and without my Alpha One Instinct, I would not be here.  From growing up in poverty in the city of Newark NJ, to living on the streets to beating cancer. I was forced to live with my Alpha One Instinct at all times. I have become more Alpha than ever. You see I’ve literally bled to death and was brought back to life. I then was told I had two years to live being diagnosed with leukemia. Ten years later I am still living appreciating life. Being a  softball coach & Father to two beautiful daughters has taught me how to balance my masculine & feminine side by teaching them chivalry still exist.


Successfully built and sold several service based businesses. 

Built a 1200 men organization where I have coached and mentored each and every man over the last 16yrs. With all of my experience, I have noticed a track record of men not showing up as the best version of themselves. 


My lifes mission is to serve & help men embody their Alpha Instincts. 

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Craig McCarroll is an accomplished high threat security specialist with
extensive experience as a protection team leader, lead Reconnaissance
instructor in the Marines, and worked as an independent contractor. Craig specializes in threat assessment, surveillance patrol, and counter surveillance operations. As a Marine Security Operations Specialist, Craig served in all aspects of Reconnaissance, ending as a team leader. He instructed, mentored and graduated over 1000 Reconnaissance Marines. After 8 years of honorable military service Craig became a U.S. Navy instructor and Range Safety Officer, instructing mechanical breaching, VBSS, and shooting techniques to navy personnel.
Craig served as an independent contractor for an international mobile security company protecting the lives of high level diplomats. Craig’s knowledge, skills, and experience offer valuable talent to companies engaged in surveillance and security.
Since 2015 Craig has transferred his skills to the civilian battle zone. Focusing on getting everything out of life and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals.​